Thawte SAN/UC Capable Certificates

What is SAN and Unified Communications?

Certificates that use Subject Alternative Names (SAN) are powerful tools that you can use to secure multiple domain names inexpensively and efficiently. Thawte SSL Certificates are capable of securing up to 25 fully qualified domain names with a single certificate using SAN. Certificates that use SAN can also be referred to as Unified Communications (UC) certificates and are commonly used with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Communications Server.Thawte is a recognized Unified Communicationscertificate partner with Microsoft.

The purpose of a certificate with SAN is the same as that of other certificates. It provides a means for a server to establish its identity and then set up a secure communication. Certificates with SAN also provide a subject alternative name field that allows additional domain names to be protected with just one certificate.


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